Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Truck

Dad sent me a picture of my truck all shined up and going into storage until I get home.  Hope I can remember how to drive it when I get back!

My past district -they are the BEST!

Hoping for a Baptism

Thursday we got to go to Slayton again to teach Amy.  She is super solid.  Any missionary could have taught her, because she is so ready.  We were worried she wasn't readying the book of mormon because she has been reading everything else: Relief Society Manuel, Priesthood Manuel, and everything you can think of.  Especially if it has to do with the temple or Celestial Kingdom.  So we didn't know how much she was actually reading the Book of Mormon. Come to find out she is already in Alma? It was amazing. 

Fun Pics

Painting with Sister Sessions
My mustache

Sister Wear and I with the Session's daughters.
                 We mowed the Broomfield's lawn with a push mower.  It felt so good to be out and do physical work.  The only bummer part of the day was Sister Broomfield went to town to get more gas for the mowers and backed into our car...ya, she felt awful!

(Do you remember how our car got hit? Well the dent started getting bigger the more Sister Wear used her door, so she has been sitting in the back seat of the car.  The first day she did, ha ha, we could not stop laughing.  I would shout, "Be quiet back there I am trying to drive!" and she would say, "But Mom, I want a popsickle!"
"Not right now, I'm driving!!"
"He is touching me!"
"Stop it!"
Ha ha we just kept going and it was really funny.  If you don't laugh as a's too hard)

We went to Marshall to get my passport done and look what I found!

Okay so I thought this house was so funny.  We laugh because there are multiple houses like this in Pipestone.  How do they expect us to knock on their door.  Maybe that's their point!

I hated taking these passport pictures of myself!

Sounds like you got my lovely pictures.  I hope you never ask me again to take pictures where I can't smile.  Bad idea.  But I am glad to hear you all got some entertainment from it.
This week has been good.  We tried basically everything I could think of to find new investigators and service opportunites.  We didn't have a lot of success yet, so a whole new week of trying all over again.  Maybe I need to work on my smile or appearance or something :)
Amy, the LA's wife, she is on date to be baptized July 20th!!! She is so ready to be baptized.  I know her husband's struggle is tithing and she had asked some hard questions about it earlier that week, but on Sunday we had this Amazing lesson on tithing.  A few of the members shared some personal stories that brought the spirit so strong.  After the lesson I asked Amy what she thought and if she had any concerns.  She said "No.  Every question I have always seems to work itself out." After we showed her the baptismal font and she was so excited! Then as they were walking out I saw her husband grab a tithing slip :) It's awesome to see her strenghthening them.  He apparently mentioned to the mission leader that he is trying to get his family temple ready now. 
Things will Kayla's husband went pretty bad.  We choked. We were nervous and we showed it.  He wasn't very accepting.  They were suppose to come to church this Sunday, but didn't show.  I'm afraid we may have lost Kayla too.  Lessons like that can be frustrating because they make me feel like such an inadequate teacher.  I also was frustrated that I was afraid.  That I let fear get in the way of teaching.  That does not allow the spirit to be there, but I can't seem to get rid of the fear of teaching....and I do it EVERYDAY.  I'll keep at it.
Well, overall though, I would say it's been a good week.  Deb, the recent convert, watched the testaments with us yesterday.  Then on our way out we ran into her neighbor, who just had a baby, and Deb said she will invite her sometime to one of our lessons. She seemed excited for the first time to share the gospel with someone! Even if her neighbor does not accept the invite, it's a start! I am excited about it.  It's always way more affective through the members.
Well, I hope you all had a good week.  I have definitly been keeping Katie and Sam in my prayers! I hope all of it comes together for them.  I love you.
Sister Johnson

Going to Hell

I do have a little story for you.  We knocked on this old mans door this week.  He was super nice, until he realized we were the "latter-day saints."  He went off about how bad we were and what harm we had done in the world.  We just let him go off, then he asked me "...and do you believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet?" I said "Yes, I prayed about it and got an answer that he is." He said "Well you got the wrong answer girl. There is life after this and there is a heaven and hell and you are headed down the wrong path." Haha yeah, that is the first time anyone has told me I was going to hell.  We then testified and left.  As we were walking away he shouted "I hope you see the light!"  Ha ha it was quite the experience.  Good thing I know what I know!  But it gave Sister Wear and I a good laugh.

Sister Jill's graduation

   I got Jill's senior pics/announcement.  Super Cute!  I am excited for her to go to college.  Woo woo!

Birthday Surprise!

     Wow well it sounds like you sure have had an eventful week?! I have been waiting rather impatiently to hear where you are serving.  I must say I am not surprised to hear you are in Australia.  I may be a bit jealous, but so EXCITED for you!
     First off I wanted to thank you for the Birthday presents!!! It was so fun to get that in the mail.  Especially when I opened them all up in front of a companion that hadn't even been with me for 24 hours ha ha.  Usually you invite your best friends to your birthday party, but that's alright :)  I loved EVERYTHING you gave me!! I was excited to add a few more things to my clothes. 
     It was so funny when the door knocked at ten at night.  No one ever knocks on our door.  To my surprise there was the pizza guy with a pizza that said "Happy Birthday, Love Mom and Dad" ha ha it made my day!!!  It was fun too because the next day was district meeting and we celebrated it with the pizza, cake, and Sister Sessions made me a cheese cake! It was great!!!
This week has been overwhelming and I have been a bit homesick.  Partially I think because days like my birthday you want to be spending it with the people you love and it made me miss family and home.

My parents are going on a mission!

Mission call to Brisbane, Australia

Crying over Marian

This weekend we met with Marian again.  She is the old lady that collects dolls and tea pots.  I LOVE Marian.  She is probably one of my favorite people in Pipestone, but she is not progressing and she expressed she will never join our church. I spent a good hour trying everytihng I could think of to help her understand why she needs this and how it is true, but it wasn't going anywhere.  So i had to drop her.  It took everything I had and tears were rolling down my face.  I felt devestated.  It made me realize how much I love Marain and how much I want to share the gospel with her.  As we hugged goodbye, she whispered, "You are special to me."  Oh it just broke my heart.  I hope that someday we can go back and visit her after my mission.  Someday she will want to learn more.

I'm a trainer

It has been a nice weekend.  Sister Jones and I spent most of it saying her goodbye's to everyone.  I am now officially training....and I still have no idea what I am doing.  My companion is Sister Wear.  She is from Utah and seems really nice. She's a sweetheart actually.  Guess what?!  She is shorter than me.  Hahaha!  She has a sweet spirit and wants to work hard.  We are very different as in interests, but I am excited to get to know her more. I'm pretty worried about training.  I feel pretty inadequate at the moment and still feel like I don't always know what to do.  It's a scary feeling, like all the sudden the decisions are all on me.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and we haven't even done anything yet ha. Hopefully we will start off good.