Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crying over Marian

This weekend we met with Marian again.  She is the old lady that collects dolls and tea pots.  I LOVE Marian.  She is probably one of my favorite people in Pipestone, but she is not progressing and she expressed she will never join our church. I spent a good hour trying everytihng I could think of to help her understand why she needs this and how it is true, but it wasn't going anywhere.  So i had to drop her.  It took everything I had and tears were rolling down my face.  I felt devestated.  It made me realize how much I love Marain and how much I want to share the gospel with her.  As we hugged goodbye, she whispered, "You are special to me."  Oh it just broke my heart.  I hope that someday we can go back and visit her after my mission.  Someday she will want to learn more.

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