Friday, October 25, 2013

Cake Fight

This week was slow.  It seems we have hit a standstill.  We even had members invite a less active family for dinner, and last minute they called and cancelled.  The work here seems almost impossible...we had only one lesson.  But Mom and Dad did remind me that "it is the joy in ONE soul that will fill your cup", and we do still have Mervin.  He has no problems with the word of wisdom, which is awesome, but this week is tithing, so pray that goes well!
Sister Allen and I helped this family do some weeding for a family member that just passed this week, and for our efforts they gave us this huge cake.  As we got to the apartment we were arguing over what we were going to do with this cake because we have had SO many sweets lately.  Well then of course, I took a big scoop of frosting and put it all over Sister Allens face.  Well, then it became a frosting fight and in the end, the cake was on the floor.  I guess that solved our more cake :)

I love my mission!

Wow, I have been thinking about you all a lot this week.  I was trying to imagine what is was like for you being in the MTC (I have a pretty good idea).  I wish I could have joined you in the TRC's, those are the scariest, but the most fun experiences. I can imagine how you are feeling now with only two days before you fly out. 
It really got me thinking about my mission, and honestly, I love it!  It's been the most difficult thing I've ever done, but I would never change it.  At conference yesterday President Monson asked the question, "Will you falter or will you finish?"  I will finish.  I love my mission and I am learning from it every single day and I will not give in or give up.  I will finish. 

Well I am excited for you to leave to Australia. You will make the BEST missionaries! I wish you were coming to mine.  Love you!

Sister Johnson

Thanks Grandma!

 I was so HAPPY  to get a package tthis week!  Grandma sent me some homemade STRAWBERRY jam that is delicious.  She asked me to let you know I got it safe and sound!  Tell her it means the world because it's the only kind I'll eat!!! 

Crazy Horse

Today we hiked to the top of Crazy Horse! They only allow it once a year and we got to go.  It was incredible!

Finding the one

This week Mervin came to conference and we had a lesson at a members home, which was awesome! We hardly ever get member lessons, so it was exciting.  Sister Allen was nervous because we were teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson which she had never taught.  I, too, was a bit nervous because I felt the pressure of knowing I would be doing a lot of the teaching, and members were going to be there. I wanted to do well.  But before the lesson I felt this calm come over me and I knew the spirit would help us.  We had studied hard for it and we prayed for the spirit and I just knew he would help.  And guess what, He did!  I think it was a big testimony builder for Sister Allen too.  She is continually improving each week and following my lead, it's starting to get more fun to teach with her.  I love it!