Sunday, June 30, 2013

Birthday Surprise!

     Wow well it sounds like you sure have had an eventful week?! I have been waiting rather impatiently to hear where you are serving.  I must say I am not surprised to hear you are in Australia.  I may be a bit jealous, but so EXCITED for you!
     First off I wanted to thank you for the Birthday presents!!! It was so fun to get that in the mail.  Especially when I opened them all up in front of a companion that hadn't even been with me for 24 hours ha ha.  Usually you invite your best friends to your birthday party, but that's alright :)  I loved EVERYTHING you gave me!! I was excited to add a few more things to my clothes. 
     It was so funny when the door knocked at ten at night.  No one ever knocks on our door.  To my surprise there was the pizza guy with a pizza that said "Happy Birthday, Love Mom and Dad" ha ha it made my day!!!  It was fun too because the next day was district meeting and we celebrated it with the pizza, cake, and Sister Sessions made me a cheese cake! It was great!!!
This week has been overwhelming and I have been a bit homesick.  Partially I think because days like my birthday you want to be spending it with the people you love and it made me miss family and home.

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