Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Missionaries together

 Mom and Dad I love you! I love that you have always taught us to put the Lord first in our lives and to always seek his counsel in our decisions.  I love you and am proud to call you missionaries! I tell EVERYONE that my parents are going to Australia on a mission and I show them your pic.  I don't know if they care, but I love it :)  I love each of you. Remember there is always someone ready to hear the gospel.  It's our job to find them.
Sister Johnson

We can most definitely help a Catholic!

It's been a great week and we have been working hard.  We have been doing a lot of service around town because Barb from the triathlon has told, it seems, everyone about us.  She sent out a mass email telling all these people that if they needed volunteers to give us a call.  We've received two phone calls now.  We are helping one lady paint her old barn and another fix up a garden.  The lady with the barn called and said, "Now I don't know if you can help a Catholic out, but if you can I need help painting a barn."  We told her we can most definitely help a Catholic!

Crazy Horse

This is Brother Meyers. He is a hoot! We are helping him understand the priesthood so he can get the Melchizedek Priesthood
Me on Brother Meyer's bike!
Sister Allen and I at Crazy Horse
Amber is a member who was just here for the summer.  She worked at Crazy Horse and took us for a short tour and dinner.  She served a mission, so she is pretty RAD!

Quad Conference

It was so great being a part of Quad Conference.  Elder Snow and his wife spoke. 
I am on the left, third row up, sixth missionary in.