Thursday, November 14, 2013

A visit to MT. Rushmore

Sister Allen and I

Member Missionary work is the KEY

It's been a good week.  We were teaching Mervin his last lesson before his baptism, only two days before, and he didn't show.  We were waiting for him at the members home and finally we decided to go see if he was home.  We knock on the door and he is just watching TV.  I ask him "Hey you still planning on meeting with us tonight?" and he says "Yeah. At eight right?" and I said "Yeah, but it's eight-thirty." He whips around at looks at the clock and says "well I'll be darned!" ha ha his watch was thirty minutes behind.  It really scared us though,because we were worried he was getting nervous and backing out.
Friday, his baptism turned out great!  All the members came and supported him and even some of his family.  Sister Allen and I both had the privilage to speak at the baptism and hopefully make his family a bit more intersted.
Sunday was probably one of the best days on my mission.  After Mervin was confirmed and the very end of testimony meeting, he turned to us and asked if he could go up there.  Of course we said yes!!
He got up there and bore the most incredible testimony.  He is truly converted to the gospel.  I felt so lucky to be apart of his teaching process and to hear him share what he knew.  I must say for a convert, he gave a very normal testimony.  It was wonderful. My favorite part that he said though was that he felt that the reason he was converted this time ( he has been taught by the missionaries before) is because we taught him at a members home.  He said he felt like the people cared and loved it.  Member missionary work truly is the key to success!