Sunday, June 30, 2013

Going to Hell

I do have a little story for you.  We knocked on this old mans door this week.  He was super nice, until he realized we were the "latter-day saints."  He went off about how bad we were and what harm we had done in the world.  We just let him go off, then he asked me "...and do you believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet?" I said "Yes, I prayed about it and got an answer that he is." He said "Well you got the wrong answer girl. There is life after this and there is a heaven and hell and you are headed down the wrong path." Haha yeah, that is the first time anyone has told me I was going to hell.  We then testified and left.  As we were walking away he shouted "I hope you see the light!"  Ha ha it was quite the experience.  Good thing I know what I know!  But it gave Sister Wear and I a good laugh.

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