Saturday, August 2, 2014

Trunky Papers

As you heard, I got my trunky papers telling me when I fly home and all.  Jill told me you all got it.  It was hard to get because it also came with a letter from President Anderson.  I'll tell you a little bit of what it said.

 "As your mission in the SDRCM near completion, I write this letter to thank you for your service.  You have touched many lives, softened many hearts and truly brought many unto the Savior.  Of course, the convert who will have the most lasting impact on your life is yourself. The lessons you have learned in the SDRCM will have an eternal impact on your life.  These next few weeks will be the most important in your mission; finish strong, run hard past the finish line." 

 I want to finish strong and do all I can.  Time is so short and precious.  I'm trying to do all I can to leave it all out here.  It goes by quick Mom and Dad, take it all in!

I love each of you.  Happy 4th!
Sister Johnson

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