Saturday, August 2, 2014

God created perfection within us...

Yesterday we had a few spiritual experiences.  One of the members in our ward, the Meikles, had a solicitor come to their door last week.  She is only 22 or so, from a small country close to Russia and she is just here for the summer to sell these school books.  Anyways, she knocked on this members door.  Sister Meikle felt impressed to invite this girl, Liisi, to listen to a message from the missionaries.  So she made a deal with Liisi that if she bought her books, then she would meet with us to discuss our faith.  Liisi agreed.  We found out, not from Sister Meikle, but from her daughter that the books all together cost $2,000!!!!  So yesterday we taught a $2,000 dollar lesson!!  I will say that is a first for me.  It was a good lesson.  Liisi had never heard of Jesus Christ before, and her friend Egot knew a little, but not much.  I had never taught anyone who didn't even believe in God, or the Savior, and not even know who they are.  What a blessing it has been in my life to know who they are.  I think they left thinking and wondering if God exists.  We invited them to go home and pray for the first time.  I sure hope they do it.  We don't have a return appointment, but I think maybe in a couple weeks we will.  Sister Meikle said she is going to keep having them over for meals and such.  So it is a start!

During our lesson with Liisi and Egot, Egot asked, "If God is perfect and He created us, then how could He create imperfection? How could He make us imperfect when He is imperfect." A couple of us tied to explain, but we weren't satifying her question. Then Brother Meikle said something that I really liked. He said, "He created   perfection within us. We have the capability to reach perfection, but we have to build up to it." Wow! I never looked at it in that way. We have perfection within us. Makes me think of that quote "As man now is, God once was and as God now is, man may be." We have it within us to become perfected as God is, maybe not in this life, but someday.

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