Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kim's Baptism!

This week has been wonderful! We re-taught Kim about the Sabbath Day. They have been struggling to live that one, but the lesson went really well.  At the end I was able to share the experience about Grandpa Hill choosing to stop racing to go to church.  We were all in tears by the end of the story.  It is always such a spiritual story, and I can't even begin to express the gratitude I have for my grandparent's decision to change.  I doubt our family would be as blessed as we are if it wasn't for their decision. Who knows, I might not have even served a mission.  All I know is that story is going to be passed down from generation to generation.

Kim said that she hopes someday she will have a grand-daughter like me, who is a missionary, telling someone else about her grandma (Kim) who joined the church, and how it changed their whole family.  It was a tender experience for me.  I think she got a little glimpse of what her decision to live the gospel will do for her and her family.
Saturday, Kim was baptized.  It was a very special baptism because her husband, who is a returning member, was able to baptize her.  Then on Sunday, during Gospel Principles, we talked about how work is a commandment and they asked for examples.  Reuel, Kim's husband, said, "Well, 364 days from now we want to be sealed in the temple and that is going to take work."


 Oh my goodness they are such an amazing family.

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