Sunday, July 13, 2014


Hayden, the 21 year old less-active we have been working with wrote me the sweetest note for my birthday.  She talked about how she felt like we were meant to come at this time in her life, to be her friend, and teach her the gospel, and to remind her that God still loves her.  She said something a long the lines of "I know that I am not a baptism or anything, but you helped me when I really needed it." It came at the perfect time too. I have been having a difficult time feeling like the past six months here I haven't seen a lot of success or felt like I have made much of a difference, but it was a good reminder that I did get to help someone.  Hayden has been a miracle in this area.  I feel like I have made a true friend in her by teaching her the gospel.

Hiking with Hayden

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