Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stand In Holy Places

And be not moved

 I feel like I am at the best part of my mission.  I have the most desire to share the gospel than I ever have. I have prayed more and worked harder because I want to share what I know.  Working with Sister Sheffield has opened my eyes to the gospel even more and I want to see her be successful!  As we were talking I felt prompted to tell her something, and before I even had a moment to think about it, it came out of my mouth.  I told her as a representative of Jesus Christ that one of her friends will accept the gospel, that the Lord would bless her for acting.  It was a spiritual moment for me because I truly felt like the spirit was guiding my words and that it would happen.  I love the Sheffield family, they have played a huge role in my mission and in the person I want to become.  I am happy and I know it is because of sharing the gospel.

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