Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Dear family & friends,

I don't even know how to begin to thank you for making me feel so loved.  It seemed as if every day the mailbox was full of letters and packages from all of you.  Thank you for thinking of me! 

I have to especially thank my companion this week.  She went all out for me for my birthday.  I woke up with the apartment decorated, a small gift (Star Wars of course! You can never go wrong there!), and she made me home made syrup for pancakes and such ( I think she realized how much I loved that syrup that Aunt Heidi made for me!).  Then she took me with one of our less-actives, Hayden, to breakfast $0.99 all you can eat pancakes!  To top it all off she worked with Sister Sheffield to plan a b-day dinner for me.  When we got to the Sheffield's home the whole house was decorated in my favorite color - green.  Green balloons, green homemade birthday signs, green plates, etc.  She made me one of my favorite meals, twice baked potatoes, chicken, and fruit. The best surprise was she set it up so we could roast SMORES!!!!!! BEST THING EVER!! I would have never thought I would get to do that, and I love smores! The Sheffield's made Sister Wittwer and I the cutest little scrapbooks for those we meet on the mission to write a note and leave a picture.  They really went all out.  I love that family so much.  They really made my b-day special.  I got to eat my favorite food, have my favorite dessert, and spend it with my favorite family here! I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect!  I also know that it all came together thanks to my companion.  I really appreciate all she did for me.  It sure meant a lot.

It was funny though, as soon as I thought my birthday had come to an end, it seemed like little things kept happening that would make my whole day.  After we got in for the night, around 9:30, we get this pounding on our door.  First, you must know that our apartment is very difficult to find.  We live in a basement of a member, but it is in the back and hard to find. So we NEVER get people knocking on our door, unless it is the member that lives upstairs, but she had told us she was going to be out of town.  So this scared us, ha.  I opened the door and as soon as I saw the pizza man I just began to laugh.  I knew instantly who that was from :)  Thanks Mom and Dad! I had to laugh though because the pizza guy said he had knocked on the front door of the house for 10 minutes.  We are lucky he found our door!

The second thing that happened that was a complete surprise was actually on Sunday morning.  We were at the church early for a meeting.  We were making copies when this guy in the hall way comes in and says "Are you Sister Johnson?"  I said "Yes."  Come to find out, his wife works with Leslie, and he served here for his mission and was back for a visit.  They had been trying to find me during the week to give me a birthday package from her.  It made my whole day! He asked me if I was close to Leslie, and I told him, yes! That she had kept me on the right path.  I love you Leslie!!!  BUT, when I opened the package that morning it was all cookies....and it just so happened to be a fast Sunday...all of us missionaries were dying. :) I loved it. Thanks again everyone.

   The Sheffield's made me a book 

We made s'mores together

Thanks for the pizza, Mom and Dad!

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