Friday, October 25, 2013

Finding the one

This week Mervin came to conference and we had a lesson at a members home, which was awesome! We hardly ever get member lessons, so it was exciting.  Sister Allen was nervous because we were teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson which she had never taught.  I, too, was a bit nervous because I felt the pressure of knowing I would be doing a lot of the teaching, and members were going to be there. I wanted to do well.  But before the lesson I felt this calm come over me and I knew the spirit would help us.  We had studied hard for it and we prayed for the spirit and I just knew he would help.  And guess what, He did!  I think it was a big testimony builder for Sister Allen too.  She is continually improving each week and following my lead, it's starting to get more fun to teach with her.  I love it!

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