Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Does it get any better than this!!!

This is what we do everyday, get the snow and ICE off of our car!

We got nailed with another snowstorm, haha and it's April!

This week we have been focusing on Jodee. We got onto this great discussion and the spirit was so strong.  Sister Jones had her read Mosiah 18:9-10 that talks about baptism. It says right in the verse, 'if this be the desire of your heart, what have you against being baptized?' So I asked her, "Jodee, is this what you want?' and she said "Yes!" Then I asked if this was the desire of her heart, what did she have against being baptized and she said, "Nothing." Then I asked her if she would be baptized on May 11? Jodee said, "Do I have to wait that long?"  It was incredible and I was so overwhelmed with the spirit and excitement!

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