Friday, April 5, 2013

A couple of funny stories

      First there is this old lady we visit every Saturday, Sister James, she is a member, but lives in a nursing home and can't get out much.  After a good visit with her and a short message, we usually help her with something like ordering things online, moving things for her, etc.  Well she told us that the people usually come and clip their toe nails every six weeks or so, but they haven't come for awhile and she says that hers grow really fast and she can't reach down for that long to clip them.  So she asked if next week if we could clip them for her.....ha ha I almost laughed out loud when she asked. First...I absolutely HATE feet..Jill you know from experince that touching my feet, especially poping my toes will make me SO mad!!  Ugh, I hate feet so bad, ha ha, but of course we said we would absolutely love to do that for her :)  I was wondering if Garrett wanted to fly out here and take care of that for me? 
     Also we had some great tracting experiences this week.  We were tracting a street and this house must have seen us coming because when we got to the door there was a note on it that said, "Don't even think about ringing my doorbell!! Stay away from here!!"  Ha ha, no joke, that is exactly what the note said.  You got to love it!  Then we also knocked on this door and the lady that answered must have had a hangover or something...but we started talking to her.  We could tell family was important to her, so I said something like "I can tell family is really important to you and one unique thing about our message is families can be together forever.  Is that something you would want?"  She pauses and then saids "Eh, when I die, I'll be ready for a break from them."  Ha ha, and then she just busted out laughing.  It was pretty funny, but we knew that was going no where. 

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