Tuesday, April 23, 2013

After a trial of faith, the blessings do come!

     Wow, where do I even start!  It has been a wonderful week!  A busy and tiring week, but every minute was worth it, even the bad ones.  As I look back now, I know that success came because of the many prayers from all of you.  Thank you all for the prayers and the fast you did for me last Sunday.  I know that God heard all of you, because I am feeling and seeing the affects of it.
     First off, we got in so many lessons this week and we were busy busy.  We had 26 lessons...I have never seen that before.  That includes less-actives as well.  I don't know if there is just a more fulfilling feeling when you are busy, even if it is tiring. 
     Sunday we had four investigators come to church.  Omar, who is being baptized FRIDAY!! Oh he is doing so good.  His wife Faith, who is less active, we have been teaching as well, and she has just been growing so much because of Omar.  Omar would always refer to Faith as "My woman" and all gangster like, and now he says "my wife or my spouse" and it is incredible to see the change in his life.  They are both already in 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and we got to discuss all together what they read.  I have never seen it first hand, the gospel pull a family back together.  I honestly cannot wait for the baptism.  I love that little family :)
     Jason Riek, whose whole family joined the church a year ago, is also getting baptized this Sunday.  He had to face so much to join.  His extended family is so against it, but he is doing so well.  
     Sunday we also taught Jodee again.  She is going to be gone this week, which makes it hard, so we needed to share the Word of Wisdom before she left.  She smokes and we knew it was going to be a touchy subject.  So Sister Jones and I role played it at the apartment a few times before we went over there.  We wanted to role play it together not just to each other, so we had a picture of the Savior we were going to teach to, but we decided that was WAY too intimidating. So thanks to Brookie, she had sent me pictures of Baby Estee Scout!! So we put a picture of her up on the table and we taught her.  It was so funny, at first we couldn't even start because as soon as we did we just bursted out laughing.  It took us awhile to finally start, but thanks to Estee we got to practice and we got a good laugh, which is always needed.  Thanks Estee! Thanks Brookie! 
     Well It's been a good week and I am feeling extremely grateful.  The work has been going so well and it's exciting.  My only worry is what is going to happen after all of these baptisms? How to we keep this going? But I know that it takes time, patience, and work. I hope you all know that I love you.  I hope you are all seeking missionary opportinities.  One thing our branch is working on his having each family create their own mission plan.  Each of you should do that.  Create goals as a family: give out a book of mormon this month, pray for opportunities to share, invite nonmembers over for FHE or dinner.  It is the members that get the missionary work going. FACT!
Love you,
Sister Johnson

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