Sunday, July 13, 2014


Well transfers did come!  Even though this is my last transfer they are shipping me out.  I have six weeks in a new area.  I got called to be the Sister Training Leader in Souix Falls. President Anderson said that he was very impressed with what I have done as a STL here in Rapid and wants me to do the same for Sioux Falls.  That was very nice of him. I was kind of hoping to end here or not end being a STL so I can just focus on the area and the work, but I also love giving trainings and working with the sisters.  It is stressful, but also very fulfilling.  I know that it is inspired and where I need to be at this time.
I am super sad to leave Rapid City.  I will leave all the missionaries I have gotten so close too, I will miss being so close to President and Sister Anderson and working with them, and I will miss the people here.  This weekend has been full of goodbyes.  It has been harder than I had expected, especially because I love a lot of people here.  Last night was by far the most difficult goodbye.  We saved the Sheffields for last because I knew they would be the hardest.  I think saying goodbye to them has been the hardest goodbye of my whole mission.  We looked through Sister Sheffields mission pictures and then she came out and tried on her old rain coat from her mission that was HUGE.  She put her name tag on and all.  It was so funny and I got some great video's/pictures of it.  We had a really good time, but saying goodbye was sad.  They have influenced me in more ways than they probably will ever know.  I have this deep love for them and for who they are.  I want to be just like them and someday have a family like them.  Sister Sheffield is the most spiritual person I have ever met and has taught me so many things.  I will miss them. I can't wait for you to meet them.  We have already determined that we are all going boating together ;)  Meeting people like them has only confirmed to me again that this is where I needed to serve my mission and if I never had, I would have never met them.  I know that President is inspired because everywhere I have gone has been exactly where I needed to go.
I haven't said goodbye to Hayden yet, but it is going to be hard.  She has been a real blessing to me out here and I consider her a real friend.  She was able to receive a blessing this past week because she has had some doubts.  It was such a spiritual experience.  She has so much potential, I dont' even then think she realizes it.  I just want her to stay strong and stick with this.
The mission is truly an adventure, meeting so many people, being moved around, and learning things you can only learn on a mission. I'm so grateful for it.  I leave tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM to my new area. Wish me luck!
I love you,
Sister Johnson

Trying on her old coat from her mission

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