Sunday, July 13, 2014

Last Zone Training Meeting

Zone Conference was a spiritual and emotional day for me, unexpectedly. We had worked extremely hard to put a powerful training together with the Elders.  We really wanted this to be the best Zone Conference and I wanted us to do our very best.  I wish you could have been their for the meeting because everyone's trainings was so amazing.  I think it was the best zone conference I have ever been to.  Our training was exactly what I had hoped for and came together better than planned. We taught on the spirit in conversion and the spirit was so strong in our training.  After the meeting the assistants texted us and told us that our training was exactly what President Anderson had envisioned it to be.  Also President told us personally that it was very well done.  It was a very rewarding and fulfilling moment for me.
Also, this was my last zone conference as a missionary.  I didn't know if they would have me bear my final testimony or not because I am leaving in the middle of a transfer and will barely miss the next conference, but they did.  I wasn't prepared and I was definitely emotional.  I never thought that moment would ever come.  I used to think that 18 months was a long time, a big sacrifice, but it is so small compared to the sacrifice of my Savior.  That moment made me want to finish my mission with all my heart, because it will be over before I know it.  Apparently one of  the elders recorded my final testimony, so if I can send it to you I will.  It was interesting because I talked about what you said Dad, how you can tell if someone is a successful missionary by their children and their grandchildren and then President and Sister Anderson's training was on Celestial Marriage (ha ha I know what your thinking), but they focused on that being our true focus and goal for ourselves and those we teach.  It was a very powerful training. The work is hastening!

 This meeting was in Rapid City. It has been a really fun Zone. 
The Elders in the background are my favorite part.

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