Monday, April 29, 2013

Funny Story!

 So we always see Sister James on Saturdays because she can't get out since she lives in a nursing home.  So she sometimes asks us to get her stuff while we are out.  She wanted ice cream from Dairy Queen.  We were glad since that gave us a good excuse to get ice cream too.  We were running behind, so we pulled into the drive through.  Ten minutes later we suddenly realize we have been sitting here and haven't moved.  Sister Jones says, "Are you sure this is a drive through?" I had seen it before so I was sure there was one, then she says, "Are you sure these cars aren't just parked? Are there even people in them?"  Ha ha, I get out and check and the two cars were parked and empty!  The drive through was around them.  Ha ha, I'm sure we looked pretty silly there.  We could not stop laughing.  Sister James got a pretty good kick out of it too :)

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