Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TRANSFER - Hot Springs, South Dakota

Well I got a call this weekend from President Anderson and I have been assigned to a new area.  I am getting transferred to Hot Springs, South Dakota! Wherever that is...ha ha  it is a little smaller than Pipestone and the branch is smaller.  So there is a lot of work to do!  I will be pink-washing that area, which means they are taking out the elders there and putting in sisters.  I will also be training another new missionary.  I am looking forward to the new challenge, but I am nervous about it because I have no idea what to expect. I leave tomorrow at three and drive all the way up to Fargo, ND then to Bismarck and stay the night there.  The next day I will be sent to Rapid City and pick up my companion and head down to Hot Springs.  I guess I get to go the long way to get there :)
This week has been crazy! First Sister Wear and I got awful sick, NOT FUN.  Then we had this incredible experience.  Do you remember the referral I told you about? Well her name is Leane and we finally got in with her this week.  She just recently lost a two year old child to some sort of tumor in May. While at the hospital a member's family was going through the same thing and lost a child to the same thing. They opened their mouth to Leane and taught her about eternal families. Leane wanted to know more and that is where we stepped in. First I am so grateful that family opened their mouth to share with someone who desperately needs the gospel. We taught Leane the Plan of Salvation and it was so powerful. We shared D&C 137:10 about how children are saved in the Celestial Kingdom. She broke down into tears and the spirit was incredibly strong. It was only a testimony builder to me that families are forever. I take this for granted. I take this knowledge I have of the Plan of Salvation for granted if I don't share it with others. We were able to bear testimony to her that these things are true and will help her and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. We had been praying hard all week that we would be able to teach well and I really feel she understood and believes!!  Moments like that are what make the mission worth it.  So I was also bummed a little after hearing I was getting transferred.  I really wanted to teach Leane and her family and be apart of their journey, but I know Sister wear will take good care of her.
This weekend has been a little crazy.  I got to speak in Sacrament meeting, which I was actually really excited about.  I spoke on overcoming the influence of the adversary and I felt really good about it.  The funny part was when all the other speakers were done, I still had over 30 MINUTES to fill....ha ha but I took about 25 which I think is good enough ha ha.  I was able to bear my testimony and thank everyone for such a great experience.  I do love them all here.  Especially the Sessions, obviously.  Brother Sessions got up and talked about meeting you and saying that you guys said thanks to the branch for taking care of us.  It was sweet.  This weekend has been full of goodbyes, which are hard.  I don't even know how I am going to get to see everyone before I go.  Mostly I have been at the Sessions though.  Last night I got to spend some more time with Kylie (Sessions oldest) who struggles a lot.  We got to have a really good conversation and I really feel like I was sent to this area to help her.  She has got a lot to figure out, but I know she will.
Today we are going to spend time with the Sessions, eat out at Famous Langs (they have amazing waffles...but mom they don't make homemade syrup like you do!) and then say goodbye to Kayla and a few others. A day full of tears.  But I am looking forward to a new start...i'm sure come next Monday, I will be missing this area more than anything.
Well I hope you are all looking for missionary opportunities around you.  Look at what one person did for Leane.  I love you all and miss you.
Sister Johnson

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