Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby Steps

Yesterday we were trying to teach a few new investigators, but we didn't get in with anyone and we were really down about it.  There is this family we tracted into a few weeks back, but everytime we go back they do not want to see us.  They are very intimidating and Sister Jones didn't want to knock on the door so we didn't, but as the night went on I kept feeling like we should go back.  I couldn't tell if it was really the spirit nudging me or not.  Finally I just said let's go try it, we have nothing else to do.  We knocked on the door and we were shut completely down, ha ha. We decide to knock on the door next to them just because we had no where else to go.  This young single mother opened the door.  She let us in.  Her name is Rachel.  We mostly just listened to her.  She has had it very rough and has an autistic (is that how you spell it?) son who has ADHD as well.  She is very sweet though and we got to share an uplifting scripture.  She said we could come back on Thursday and gave us her number so she could be a great potential.  She is afriad to bring her son to church because he could have a behavior problem and possibly hurt someone.  I hope we can help her and her son come to church.  I know that God prompted me to go back there.  I am glad we decided to listen.
Also do you remember Violet? She is the awesome lady that thinks she is black ha ha.  She moves this week, which is a bummer, but this past week we went and visited her and I felt like I needed to be bold with her. Our mission president sent out a letter telling us to be bold and tell people what they need to do in a loving way.  So I did just that.  I told her she needed to come to church.  I tried to do it in a loving way and after we left I honestly didn't know if I had gotten to her.  Sister Jones kind of let me take the reins on that one so I didn't feel like she was sure of my decision to be bold.  Violet has a lot of physical pains that don't allow her to do much, so sitting in church is painful for her.  I started to feel guilty for what I said...but Sunday morning, Violet came to church!!! She hasn't come in so long.  It was such an answer to my prayers.  I knew that Heavenly Father had my back on that one!! And being bold worked.  She came and partook of the sacrament.

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